We got some news on the publishing front late last week, which was certainly nothing we wanted to hear.  Our publisher has chosen to close down operations, meaning our book, Cthulhu: A Love Story, and the books of several other authors, no longer have a publisher.

While this is a setback, and our title might not be readily available for a little while, we are working on self-publishing it as soon as possible.

Our fantastic and fantastically talented cover artist, Dr. Diane Keranen is revising the look of the new upcoming edition of C:aLS, as well as working on a cover for the sequel, Morningstar, which we are hard at work writing for you now.  We need to make some adjustments to the book files, then we will begin the process of uploading them to various sites to make them publicly and widely available once again.

In the meantime, if you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE A COPY RIGHT NOW, thank you!  You can contact us through our website contact form, and we can work out getting you a copy ASAP.  You can also find us at the Festival of Oddities on 4 September in Charlotte, Michigan.  We will be at the GLAHW table with copies for purchase.

The moment Cthulhu: A Love Story is available again, we will let you know.

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