We’re Live on Kindle Again!

We’re very excited to announce that Cthulhu: A Love Story is available in the Amazon Kindle store once again!

We hope to have some good news about the paperback version soon. Until then, Amanda and Ryley are back in what Ginger Nuts of Horror reviewer Joe Ortlieb called, “[A] very different take on any Cthulhu story I’ve read.” Check out the rest of what he said on our Reviews page, and pick up a copy to find out for yourself!

When one door closes, a window opens and you dive through it

We got some news on the publishing front late last week, which was certainly nothing we wanted to hear.  Our publisher has chosen to close down operations, meaning our book, Cthulhu: A Love Story, and the books of several other authors, no longer have a publisher.

While this is a setback, and our title might not be readily available for a little while, we are working on self-publishing it as soon as possible.

Our fantastic and fantastically talented cover artist, Dr. Diane Keranen is revising the look of the new upcoming edition of C:aLS, as well as working on a cover for the sequel, Morningstar, which we are hard at work writing for you now.  We need to make some adjustments to the book files, then we will begin the process of uploading them to various sites to make them publicly and widely available once again.

In the meantime, if you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE A COPY RIGHT NOW, thank you!  You can contact us through our website contact form, and we can work out getting you a copy ASAP.  You can also find us at the Festival of Oddities on 4 September in Charlotte, Michigan.  We will be at the GLAHW table with copies for purchase.

The moment Cthulhu: A Love Story is available again, we will let you know.

Who doesn’t love some swag?

We want to thank you for supporting our writing and purchasing Cthulhu: A Love Story. To do that, we’ve created some swag, and we’d like to send it to you!

The Cthulhu: A Love Story swag pack

To get your swag, DM us on Instagram or Twitter, or Messenger us on Facebook. Include a picture of your receipt for Cthulhu: A Love Story or a picture of you holding our book, as well as your complete mailing address. In return, we’ll send you a bookmark and a bookplate, signed by both of us. If you want us to add a short inscription on the bookplate, please include that with your information. We’ll mail those to you right away. Unfortunately, due to shipping issues at this time, this offer is only valid in the US.

First reviews are coming in

This is always a turbulent time for authors – first reviews. Of course, you want everyone to love your book unreservedly, but that’s rarely going to happen. Reviewers apply their own tastes to reviews, sure, but also critical thinking. Sometimes, as an author, it’s tough to read.

So it was when the first reviews of our debut novel start posting online. We read them, but it is always with a lump in the pits of our stomachs. Brace for the worst; hope for the best. And while it is hard sometimes to take critique, it is easier when you can acknowledge when the criticisms are valid. That makes it even more thrilling when there is praise in the review. Looking at a review honestly and in its totality is a necessary step for every author. You can’t accept the praise if you don’t honestly evaluate the criticisms.

So we’ll keep reading, and we’ll keep learning. If you see a review for our book out in the wild, please give us a shout to make sure we see it. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this review from Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and essayist Marissa Lingen.


Book Birthday!

We are incredibly proud to announce the debut of our first novel, Cthulhu: A Love Story, now available on Amazon. It is available in both Kindle…

Cthulhu: A Love Story is available for Kindle

…and paperback versions…

Cthulhu: A Love Story is now available in paperback

We hope you’ll consider reading it!

JC Rudkin is the writing team of James and Casey Rudkin. Look for our upcoming debut novel, Cthulhu: A Love Story, due out June 2021.