First reviews are coming in

This is always a turbulent time for authors – first reviews. Of course, you want everyone to love your book unreservedly, but that’s rarely going to happen. Reviewers apply their own tastes to reviews, sure, but also critical thinking. Sometimes, as an author, it’s tough to read.

So it was when the first reviews of our debut novel start posting online. We read them, but it is always with a lump in the pits of our stomachs. Brace for the worst; hope for the best. And while it is hard sometimes to take critique, it is easier when you can acknowledge when the criticisms are valid. That makes it even more thrilling when there is praise in the review. Looking at a review honestly and in its totality is a necessary step for every author. You can’t accept the praise if you don’t honestly evaluate the criticisms.

So we’ll keep reading, and we’ll keep learning. If you see a review for our book out in the wild, please give us a shout to make sure we see it. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this review from Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and essayist Marissa Lingen.